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About Atlantic City Pickers
Our Rags to Riches Story

Atlantic City Pickers is family-owned and operated right here in Absecon, NJ. Since our company opened its doors in 2006, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.  
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This is my story of, "Rags to Riches: Living the American Dream" There
are others out there just like me. Driven out of hope, desperation or just
sheer force of will, they've re-invented themselves and made a better living
for themselves and their families. My story will be the pilot episode. The
reality show will focus on finding others like me, telling their stories and
hopefully motivating those people who are down and out. This is America
and you can be whoever you want to be! That's what I was told growing
up! (roll the theme song, Rags to Riches performed by Nazareth)
Rags to Riches: Living the American Dream

Chapter 1: Merry F-ing Christmas!

It was 10 days before Christmas when the car dealership I was working for
told us not to come in on Monday because they were closing their doors
forever. Merry Christmas right? I was devastated. Not sure how I was
going to pay my bills, let alone provide a Christmas for my new born son.
The job market in general was in shambles and the auto industry was in
the toilet. I had worked 16 years as an auto tech. It wasn’t all I knew
however, it certainly how I made my living. Like many Americans, I
realized I was going to have to re-invent myself in order to earn income. I
was selling part time on eBay and wondered if there was a possibility to tie
my experience in the automotive industry to selling on eBay. So I took a
chance, gathered up all my savings and went out on the road to auctions
of car dealerships that had gone out of business. This was going to be one
of the biggest gambles of my life. Unemployed broke, and barley keeping
food on the table on the little unemployment paid.

Chapter 2: Competitive Advantage

It’s a tough road out here and I soon learned this wasn't going to be as
simple as it was just casually selling things I no longer wanted or, needed.
At this level, there are some very competitive people with deep pockets. So
I was going to have to step it up and take chances if I was going to make
this work. As the saying goes, “you have to spend money to make money”.
Of course, money wasn’t something I had much of at the time. I realized I
was going to have to make every purchase pay off. This is where my
specialized knowledge gained while being an auto tech was going to give
me an advantage. While others were buying in bulk, I would cherry pick
the items with the highest return on investment. Just like the stock
market, I would buy low and sell high.

Chapter 3: Bid to Win

There’s a lot of competition out here and tempers flare at times. I never
thought I'd see 40 plus year old men cry so much when they didn't win a
auction. If you want it, bid to win, that's my motto. There are 3 major
players that go to these auctions. Myself, the Tennessee Boys, Clip Board
from Ohio and many other “newbies” trying to buy and sell and make a
profit. When I started going to auctions, I was what I call a “bottom
feeder”. I didn’t have enough money to compete with the “big guys” so, I
bought what they didn’t want but, I knew I could sell at a profit. This
strategy proved to be a pretty successful one and, in just three years’ time,
I was one of the “big guys”. Initially, I tried to talk with the competition
and say, “hey, there’s enough here for everyone, let’s not step on each
other’s toes bidding”. It was naive but, typical of my nature of always
trying to find an equitable solution. Live and learn. So now, as they say,
game on! Sometimes I shut my competition down even if it means
sometimes paying more than normal just to make a point. I’m the big fish
in these waters now.

Chapter 4: What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been

Here I am 5 years later. It's been hard work but, rewarding. I travel all
over this great country and see and meet some interesting people. I took a
few thousand dollars and turned my business into a half a million dollar a
year in sales and growing at an amazing rate. I’ve bought some crazy and
bizarre items. Antique safes filled with rare coins (Google Eric Doran
safe) I purchased in a small town in Matthews, Virginia at auction. I
brought it back to Atlantic City and hired 8 time world champion safe
cracker Jeff Sitar to come to my warehouse and crack the safe. I took a
gamble. Not sure if there was anything more the dust inside but it paid off
to the tune of over 1800.00 dollars and was an awesome day. It made
local and national news. While not a lot of money to most, it all adds up
at the end of the day. I will buy and sell anything as long as it's legal. One
of my most recent and weird purchases was a 1967 Egg Harbor yacht
bought at auction in Long Island NY. I hired a captain, drove up to NY
and drove the boat back on a day long adventure on the water. Put the
engines up on eBay and sold them in a week for 3 times what I paid for the
boat. This started me thinking, perhaps there’s money to be made buying
and selling boats…..or, boat pieces as it were. So, I bought another boat a
week later in Maryland and it will also be up on the chopping block. Most
people that know me think I'm nuts but this is what I do every day. Buy
and sell. Whatever it takes to pay the bills .
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